• Change your user icon


To change your user icon.

The icon must be in the “ico” format and contain multiple thumbnail resolutions (at least 32 and 48 pixel sizes are required). There are many suitable ico files available on the internet but you can also make your own from any image, including a photo (of yourself).

Here are some free icons you can use:

Dino icons (Find the small “download” link on the left side half way down the page)

Animal icons

XMAS icons (Download the (.ico) versions)

XMAS icons 2(Click where it says: Download the icons (.ico, .incs, .png, .tif))

Circus icons (Download the (rar) file and extract)

To set the icon in Nodescan Client, open the “Contacts” window, double click the user icon (next to “Available”), then select one of the ico files.

How to create a custom icon

  • 1) Find an image you like – square-shaped is better. If possible, use a PNG image which has some transparent areas. 256 x 256 or 512 x 512 pixels are good sizes to start with.
  • 2) Save the png image to your PC desktop or another location you can easily find.
  • 3) Go the website: iconverticons.com and and click “Options” near the middle of the page.
  • 4) Check “Convert to ico icons (Windows)” and “Convert to 32-bit icons” as shown below.
  • 5) Click “Browse...”, then select the image file on your PC.
  • 6) Click “Convert”.
  • 7) Download your icon (ico) file.
  • 8) In Nodescan Client, open the “Contacts” window and double click the user icon (next to “Available”).
  • 9) Select the ico file that you downloaded from iconverticons.com
Sometimes the icons created by inconverticons do not show up in Nodescan Client. If that happens try opening the ico file in an image editing application and resaving it. (On Mac OS X, double click the icon to open it in Preview then chose “Save as…”)