• nodescan server

    your personal server

Nodescan Server is a lightweight, reliable and easy to use application server. It is a standard application which does not install any additional libraries, background applications or daemons. It provides a variety of services and runs on Mac OS X, Windows or Linux.

About Nodescan Server

  • Ready-to-run operation
  • Graphical User interface
  • Services can be started and stopped while the server is running
  • Low footprint, responsive and very fast (500MB/sec+ throughput)
  • Public or private operation
  • Built in support for chat, instant messaging and user presence
  • File server
  • Web server
  • File indexing and Search by Lucene
  • Zeroconf/Bonjour support offers server discovery for local clients
  • “Superport” capability allows all services (except Web Server) to be accessed through a single port
  • Automatic router configuration (Requires UPnP or NAT-PMP enabled router)
  • One server can simultaneously provide both local and internet access


What you need to run Nodescan Server.

A PC or Mac and an internet connection. Go to Downloads for other versions


More information

  • Audio Streaming
  • Search
  • File Sharing
  • Zero-Conf/Bonjour
  • Automatic Router configuration