• Your personal server

    Run your own server, create user accounts, share files and communicate privately, stream audio and more. You can make Nodescan as closed or as open as you like.

  • upload and share files

    Access and share your files from anywhere via web browser including Drag and Drop support for HTML5 compatible browsers.

  • Nodescan

    chat using your favorite apps...

    Use iMessage, iChat, Adium, Pidgin and other applications to communicate via your own server. Read more.

  • ...or ours

    Nodescan Client is a custom built desktop application designed to make the most out of Nodescan. Download it here.

  • With Nodescan

    you're in control

    It's your data. You can decide what to share and when to delete it. Keep all your communication private and confidential.

Use Nodescan to share and search for files, send instant messages, chat and listen to music streamed from the server.

In a few minutes anyone with a broadband internet connection can set up their own server accessible to the general public or restricted to selected users. Companies can use Nodescan to collaborate and share documents both internally and externally, with their customers and clients. Design and media production agencies can use Nodescan to quickly route files among their staff and share documents for review or approval. Clubs and organizations can use Nodescan to keep their members informed, notify them of upcoming events and share photos, newsletters and videos.

Try out the web share feature which allows files to be easily shared via your web browser.

Nodescan is..

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Private
  • Free


What do I need to run Nodescan applications?

  • A PC or Mac running Mac OS X, Windows or Linux.

Other Services and features

  • Audio Streaming
  • Search
  • File Sharing
  • Zero-Conf/Bonjour
  • Automatic Router configuration